A Trial-Tested Attorney Fighting For Criminal And Family Law Matters

Attorney Roarke Aston is committed to seeking justice and protecting clients’ rights and futures in their criminal and family law issues.
Aggressively Defending Clients In Southeastern And Central Pennsylvania.

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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

DUI/Traffic Violations

DUI / Traffic Violations

Family Law

Family Law

Attorney Roarke Aston

Aggressive, Detail-Oriented And Client Focused

As your lawyer, Mr. Aston takes an aggressive and client-focused approach to each case. Whether you are involved in a criminal or family law matter, the decision you make will have lasting impacts on you and your family’s lives and future. He takes each case personally and is driven to get results and win. He wants the best for his clients and isn’t afraid to go to battle to protect your rights and future.

Mr. Aston believes he serves two roles as your attorney: counselor and advocate.  As a counselor, attorney Aston will present the possible and likely outcomes in your case and advise the best course of action during confidential meetings. Mr. Aston will take the time to examine the details of your case at great length to prepare a better strategic plan that helps you find a resolution to your legal matters. He will listen to your concerns and address any questions that you might have, and he will be by your side throughout the process. As an advocate, attorney Aston will aggressively pursue your cause.

Former Public Defender Fighting For You

As a former public defender for the past 13 years, attorney Roarke Aston has extensive experience and valuable knowledge in representing clients in various criminal law issues, including murder, armed robbery, possession, trafficking of drugs, assault and sex offenses. He has fought for clients and tried cases in Pennsylvania’s Court of Common Pleas. Attorney Aston has also handled dozens of appeals in Pennsylvania’s Superior Court and Supreme Court.

An Experienced Family Lawyer On Your Team