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Roarke Aston: An Advocate And An Advisor

The role of an attorney is important to anyone facing legal troubles. The law is complex and confusing; your issues are personal and extremely high stakes. You must work with a lawyer who understands how to be of service to you in the way you need.

Attorney Roarke Aston, of Rush Aston, LLC, takes his role as a legal advisor and advocate for people from Reading and across Pennsylvania seriously. His sole focus is the pursuit of solutions to your legal problems, be they family law or criminal law. His dedication to results and service makes a positive impact on his clients’ lives.

Learn more about attorney Aston by reading his bio below:

Trial-Tested Legal Skills

Attorney Aston has a rare level of experience pursuing matters in the courtroom. As a public defender for over 13 years, he spent a great deal of time arguing cases in front of judges. He honed his skill in crafting defenses and legal strategies in high-pressure situations.

His history in the courtroom has offered him a unique perspective on criminal and civil law matters, such as family law. A strong, motivated legal representative can give you a significant advantage.

The Will To Win

Often the law can be a “zero-sum” game with all-or-nothing stakes. Without an attorney willing to go as far as possible for you, your rights will get trampled and ignored. Attorney Aston takes the time to get to know his clients as people to protect their rights more effectively.

He draws on his compassion and understanding of your situation to fuel his strength and toughness in your legal matter.

Reach Out To Rush Aston, LLC For A Consultation

When you need an attorney, you want one who will treat you with the respect you deserve. Roarke Aston is that kind of an attorney. He will fight for you in and out of court and do everything possible to pursue your legal protection. To find out how he can help your case, call 610-850-1865 or send an email using this online form.