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Aggressive Drunk Driving Defense

A drunk driving charge in Pennsylvania is stressful. You face penalties that may jeopardize your freedom and ability to work as well as fines which can be extremely high. However, you can engage an attorney to defend you against these charges.

Mr. Aston’s extensive drunk driving defense experience allows him to build a defense that gets at the core of the matter. He can attack charges against you on two levels:

  • Constitutionality: Did the arresting officers properly respect your rights? Was the arrest performed according to the proper procedures?
  • Evidentiary: Is the evidence accurate? Does the evidence indicate what the police and prosecution purport to say?

Prosecutors are aggressive in presenting cases as “open and shut.” But you have extensive rights, and prosecutorial interpretations of evidence may not stand up to examination.

What Makes A Traffic Ticket So Serious?

In a vacuum, a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania does not come with an extremely serious penalty. However, no one interacts with the law in a vacuum. Your personal history, arrest record and professional licenses can all be impacted by the possible consequences of a traffic violation.

Attorney Aston offers thorough and detail-oriented services to those who cannot afford the consequences of such things as:

  • Reckless driving charges
  • Speeding
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving without a license

Your situation is unique, and sometimes you cannot accept a traffic violation.

No Time To Waste. Reach Out For A Defense.

One thing that all traffic-related offenses have in common is how quickly you must move to defend yourselves. If you need an attorney to defend you, you must reach out as soon as possible. Call 610-850-1865 or send an email today to schedule a consultation with Rush Aston, LLC.